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Introverts Spend 11.9 Days in The Toilet Every Year

A silent pandemic that is robbing humanity of its productivity is the huge amount of time spent by introverts in the toilet every year. Research by the Geneva based Institute of Human Existence shows that on average, introverts spend 47 minutes in the toilet every day, translating to 11.9 days every year. This is a […]

Inside the Mind of KANU Candidate who Garnered 1 Vote in the London Ward Byelection

Patrick Amoth Develops Unusual Interest in Reggae Music after the Vaccine Jab

Politician Who Went to Alliance wants Hustler vs Dynasty Changed to Contrarian vs Establishment

Despair after Man Applies for Jobs with all The Registered Companies in Kenya

Kenya Power Seeks Monopoly of Electric Vehicle Charging in Kenya

Uhuru Promises Every Kenyan 2 Million Shillings if BBI Passes

Covid-19 Vaccine Stolen in Advance Before landing at JKIA


Secrets of Mara Moja Tablets Revealed

The magic of a local pain killer popularly known as Mara Moja was brought to light when a local doctor decided to reveal the secret of the magical drug to Twitter peasants. While many were amazed at the efficacy of the local drug that is sold at a free price, doctors have always known that […]

Macharia Defends the Appointment of 3 Kikuyus into a NMS Body

22,413 NGOs in Nairobi Supporting 19,768 Street Families

Man Fired for Dancing to Firirinda at Sugoi Farm

Chrome Browser named Leading Cause of Global Warming

Magufuli Warns that Covid-19 is only Deadly if you Know that you Have it

Elsa Majimbo joins PostaMate Board as a Non-Executive Director

40-Year-Old Son Getting Impatient Waiting to Inherit the Family House



Ravi Zacharias Downgraded from First Class to Economy Heaven after Sexual Misconduct Exposé

Ravi Zacharias, the famous Christian apologist who passed on in 2020 has found himself in the middle of a celestial storm after news of his sexual misconduct were confirmed by the ministry. The information which was released this week detailed how the famed preacher engaged in sexual misconduct and abused various women in the latter […]

Proposal Seeks to have Kenyan Churches Sing 75% Local Songs

Churches Conveniently Declare a Period of Prayer and Fasting in January


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Pastor Ng’ang’a to hold Special Prayer Session for Arsenal FC

Famed Kenyan televangelist Pastor James Maina Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism Center has come to the rescue of Arsenal Football Club and will be holding a three-day prayer and fasting session for both the club and the fans. Speaking after the Sunday service at his Nairobi headquarters, Pastor Ng’ang’a said that he had heeded to the […]

Arsenal Wants the ‘Winner-Takes-All’ Football Point System Changed

Onset of Mango Season Spells Doom for Atheists in Kenya

Why Pope Francis Rejected Uhuru Kenyatta’s Request to Live Forever


Chrome Browser named Leading Cause of Global Warming

Google has been declared the leading cause of global warming and this has nothing to do with their power intensive Data Centers, but on the famous Google Chrome browser. In the ranking of the most notorious agents of global warming, the Chrome browser beat other contestants such as private jets, beef production, automobiles, dirty cooking […]

United States Finally Legalizes Polygamy

African Union Warns EU against Delaying Donations to African Countries


EU Terms the Myanmar Coup ‘Free and Fair’

The Head of the European Union (EU) Delegation in Myanmar has said they are impressed with the level of organization and peaceful conduct exhibited during the recent military coup that saw the de-facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi and President Win Myint detained by the military. “We saw an extremely well-organized coup exercise with soldiers […]

Record Number of Delegates Register for the Men’s Conference 2021

Trevor Noah Announces Early Retirement after Trump Exit Makes Him Irrelevant