Kalonzo Musyoka Planning To Give Spoilt Votes A Run For Their Money

New entrant into the Kenyan presidential race Kalonzo Musyoka has promised the mother of all battles against spoilt votes in the 2022 General Elections. In a race where he risks becoming the third runners up (behind spoilt votes), Kalonzo said that he has made arrangement with men he trusts to ensure that he will not […]

World Leaders react to Appointment of Rigathi Gachagua as Ruto’s Running Mate

Uhuru Asks Elon Musk to Bar Kenyans Under 35 from Twitter

Probability of Receiving Back Money Sent to Wrong M-PESA Number Drops to 0.003%


Kenya Launches Green Card Lottery for Africans Wishing Live in Nairobi

Africans wishing to reside and work in Kenya can now smile after Kenya launched a lottery program that will allow them to be permanent residents in Kenya. The green card lottery program will see a select number of lucky Africans get a chance to live and work in Kenya with a guaranteed path to citizenship. […]

Wambora Rejoins Embu Gubernatorial Race Under a Different Name

Uhuru Taps Seasoned Dowry Negotiators to Help Secure Affordable Loans

Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos Join Hands to Acquire Controlling Stake in Elon Musk


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Size 8 to Specialize in Small to Medium Sized Demons

Gospel singer cum preacher Size 8 has launched her career as a middle level exorcist, if clips on social media are something to go by. The famed Mateke singer was recently ordained as a preacher, but no one expected that she would quickly be on the ring facing demons one on one. Size 8 was […]

What if Jesus Died of other Causes, Say Donkey Accident?

Prophet Turns Out to be Just a Statistics Nerd

Kenya Closes its Embassy in Mali after Mali Beat Harambee stars 6 – 0


Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos Join Hands to Acquire Controlling Stake in Elon Musk

Days after Elon Musk bid to buy Twitter for $43 billion, the council of rich people has made a counter attack with Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates uniting to gain a controlling stake in Elon Musk, effectively making them the owners of Musk’s vast empire. The two billionaires with a combined net worth of $321 […]

Kenya Donates Slingshots to Ukraine as Cyber Warfare Expected to Render Most Weapons Obsolete

Biden Praises Tesla for Manufacturing Adzes

Black Tax Evasion now a Crime in Burkina Faso

Experts Worried that Formal Education in Uganda Cannot be Restarted