Kenya’s Education System Set to Collapse on 23rd January 2023

Experts have warned that the Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) that is currently undergoing live trials in Kenya is on track to collapse on 23rd January 2023, if everything goes according to plans. The news, which turns out to be common knowledge to everybody except the Ministry of Education, says that if the status quo is […]

Man Suffers Second Degree Burns after sharing Bathtub with Wife

Government Investigating Rigathi Gachagua’s English at the Deputy Presidential Debate

Elon Musk Doubles Effort on Zero Emission Babies


Small Claims Court Rules Against Girl who ‘Ate Fare’

The Small Claims Court in Nairobi has ruled against a girl who was ‘sent fare’ by a male colleague but failed to turn up for a birthday party as agreed. In the case filed the Milimani Small Claims Court, a gentleman identified as BCN said that he had sent KShs 3000 to a lady by […]

House Republicans Look to Pass Sex Outside Marriage Control legislation by November

Kenya Meat Commission Appoints its first Vegan CEO

EACC Investigates Meru Farmer Over Unexplained Poverty


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Size 8 to Specialize in Small to Medium Sized Demons

Gospel singer cum preacher Size 8 has launched her career as a middle level exorcist, if clips on social media are something to go by. The famed Mateke singer was recently ordained as a preacher, but no one expected that she would quickly be on the ring facing demons one on one. Size 8 was […]

What if Jesus Died of other Causes, Say Donkey Accident?

Prophet Turns Out to be Just a Statistics Nerd

Kenya Closes its Embassy in Mali after Mali Beat Harambee stars 6 – 0


Elon Musk Doubles Effort on Zero Emission Babies

The world’s richest man and large family ambassador is now shifting his focus on curbing global warming by producing zero emission babies. Elon Musk – who has led by example by having nine children – says that he is working to ensure that his next four children will be net zero certified and will not […]

House Republicans Look to Pass Sex Outside Marriage Control legislation by November

US to Ban All Public Schools to Curb Mass Shootings

Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos Join Hands to Acquire Controlling Stake in Elon Musk

Kenya Donates Slingshots to Ukraine as Cyber Warfare Expected to Render Most Weapons Obsolete