MCAs not Aware that 113% of them will not be Reelected in 2022

Members of County Assemblies are living their best lives now. Despite being labelled as rats that eat not just for the sake of their stomach but because they were born to eat, they continue to walk around with the confidence of a cat in a mouse kingdom. But this confidence seems to be built on […]

Stop Imagining that Uhuru Kenyatta will be the Prime Minister from 2022 to 2032

Buhari: Solution to Police Brutality is more Police Brutality

Home Guards seven times more successful Today than Mau Mau Fighters

6 Reasons why Comrades should be the ones Cleaning Universities

Kalenjin and Luo Communities the Biggest Losers in the BBI Battle

ICPAK drops Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) in Favor of Carefully Rigged Accounting Principles (CRAP)

Journalists Can’t Wait to Break the News of the First Covid-19 Case in Schools


How to Own a Lexus at 23

A precedent has been set in Kenya, where hustlers get to own Lexus at 23 years of age. Dynasties attain the same feat at 2.3 years. If you are feeling like you are failing your ancestors because you are either over 23 and majorly powered by Fuliza, or you are not yet 23 but you […]

John Pesa: “You Get the Sermon that you Pay for”

Fake Hair Does NOT Reduces your IQ by 40 to 65 Points

Furious Kakamega Bred Protester Nelson Havi Neutralized with a ‘Thermos’ of Tea in Parliament

Study: Oxygen More Addictive Than Previously Thought

WTO HR Advises Amina Mohamed to Seek Mentorship from Polycarp Igathe

Magoha: Kenyan Parents almost as Inconsistent as Me

Prostitutes Protest the Philosophical Promiscuity by Politicians in Kenya



John Pesa: “You Get the Sermon that you Pay for”

You are probably reading this from a cheap android smartphone, thinking that Father John Pesa is a category six idiot. Well, we have some news for you, because the real idiots could be you who spends 3 hours online while Father John Pesa is busy building his name (or in a language that you may […]

Manchester United to Replace Harry Maguire with a Teddy Bear

East Africans Tired of Winning all Marathons

Eliud Kipchoge Graciously allows other Human Beings to Win a Marathon

Social Sports

Jubilee: “5 New Stadiums Would take 75 Years to Build”

The Jubilee government wants you to put on your brain and ensure that it is plugged in, before you can repeat the fake news that they promised to build five stadiums in Kenya. During the reopening of the Nyayo Stadium which had been closed for the last three years due to some minor repairs, President […]

Pastor who Promised Congregation that 2020 Would be their Year of Breakthrough Arrested

Manchester United set to Sign 3 New Penalty takers

Bayern Munich Banned from all UEFA Matches for Three Years


Buhari: Solution to Police Brutality is more Police Brutality

As young Nigerians continue to protest against police brutality, the government thinks that the solution to protests against police brutality is more police brutality. In what turns out to be the most efficient way of dealing with protesters, the Nigerian government has realized that killing all protesters would lead to the immediate end of protests […]

Democrats Test Negative for Sympathy

Secret Service Switches off WiFi at the White House

Governance International

Britain Considering Recolonization of Nigeria after 60 Years of Failed Independence

Nigeria could be handed back to its colonial masters – the British – after 60 years of independence failed to produce anything more than jollof and a unhealthy obsession with North America. In what would be the first case of a country losing independence because they were better off without it, Britain is considering resuming […]

African Union Warns that US is Dangerously on the Precipice of a Post Election Violence

Parents in South Africa Announce a Covid-19 Vaccine after Scientists Sleep on the Job