Sakaja Banking on Current Short Rains to Clean up Nairobi

The promise of a clean Nairobi might soon be a reality after Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja partnered with the ongoing short rains to help clean up the city. Speaking after signing the deal, Sakaja said that the heaps of garbage that have been choking the city will soon be wiped off by runoff water into […]

Guide to Surviving Tough Economic Times

Number of people sleeping in Church marginally declines by 0.6%

Local Man Unlocks Dreaded Third Level of Primitive Accumulation of Tools


LSK Orders Advocates to Provide Pupils with Transport Brooms

The Law Society of Kenya has come to the rescue of intern lawyers, popularly known as pupils, following a revelation that they have been getting the short end of the stick on matters of transport. Following complaints from advocates who cannot stand to see a pupil earning a salary of KShs 18,000 (before statutory deductions) […]

House Cockroaches Increasingly Starving to Death as Inflation Bites

Nurses in Kenya Ranked 3rd Most Cruel in the World

New Oral Male Contraceptive to be Administered through Free Beer



Number of people sleeping in Church marginally declines by 0.6%

The number of people sleeping in church marginally declined by 0.6% in the last quarter, reversing a trend that had lasted for more than 200 years. Reports from the Association of Ushers show that people who took the coveted nap in church declined, a very unexpected outcome considering that church leaders unanimously voted to allow […]

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Prophet Turns Out to be Just a Statistics Nerd


Africa’s Apathy Towards European Tribal War Angers European Leaders

World leaders attending the ongoing United Nations General Assembly have expressed concerns that Africa is not doing enough to condemn the ongoing tribal war between Russian and Ukrainian Slavs. In a strongly worded statement, warlords and tribal leaders from the Caucasian block said that Africans were not keen on standing with anybody, and are willing […]

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Elon Musk Doubles Effort on Zero Emission Babies

House Republicans Look to Pass Sex Outside Marriage Control legislation by November

US to Ban All Public Schools to Curb Mass Shootings