William Ruto Clarifies that Kickback for the Chinese Loans was 30% and not 10%

Deputy President William Ruto has denied reports by Aden Duale that the government was getting 10% in kickbacks from all the money borrowed from China, saying the figure was 30% and not 10%. Speaking after media reports that politicians were receiving 10% as kickbacks from China, Ruto insisted that the government was keen on 30% […]

Uhuru Admits that He Does Not Remember Ever Talking About the Big Four Agenda

Staring at an Exam Question for too Long Reduces the Chances of Remembering the Answer

Lastborns Officially Recognized as Bread Losers

Alarm as Kenyan Teens Opt for Virtual Parents

Amerix Orders a KShs 70 Price Ceiling for Barber Shops

Influencer with 116 Followers Shares on How He Made it on Social Media

African Union Accidentally Tweets a Congratulatory Message to Museveni for Winning the 2021 Election


Comedian Njugush Donates 350 Brooms to Parliament to help MPs Fly for Medical Treatment

Comedian and renowned Njahi activist Blessed Njugush has come to the rescue of Kenyan legislators by donating 350 brooms which will be used to airlift MPs to seek treatment in big hospitals in Nairobi if the ones in their constituencies lack basic equipment. Speaking during the handover ceremony at Parliament Building, Njugush said that it […]

Government Desperately Hunting for a Corruption Scandal in Makueni County

Why Pope Francis Rejected Uhuru Kenyatta’s Request to Live Forever

William Ruto Shocked to Learn that Huge Political gatherings without Masks and Social Distancing Accelerate Spread of Covid -19

Raila Odinga Insists that BBI is the Hill he will Die on

Trump Promises to Revisit Angels from Africa

“Save for the Prime Minister Part, BBI Can be Amended.” – Raila

KRA to Start Taxing all Dowry Payments from 2022


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Why Pope Francis Rejected Uhuru Kenyatta’s Request to Live Forever

Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta was man full of hope when he made his maiden visit to the Vatican City earlier in November. Still in the middle of a growing Covid-19 pandemic and with a undisclosed desire to remain in some office after 2022, Uhuru Kenyatta had made the trip to Vatican to request for a […]

Possibility that Jesus will Make a Second Coming Via Zoom Highly Likely

John Pesa: “You Get the Sermon that you Pay for”

Manchester United to Replace Harry Maguire with a Teddy Bear


East Africans Tired of Winning all Marathons

People from the Eastern Africa region have expressed frustrations on having to win almost all marathons in the world, making it no longer interesting because the world offers little competition. Speaking after the London marathon where Eastern Africa athletes had to slow down to keep up with the world, marathoners lamented that it is no […]

Eliud Kipchoge Graciously allows other Human Beings to Win a Marathon

Jubilee: “5 New Stadiums Would take 75 Years to Build”

Pastor who Promised Congregation that 2020 Would be their Year of Breakthrough Arrested


African Union Accidentally Tweets a Congratulatory Message to Museveni for Winning the 2021 Election

A Social Media scheduling error caused the African Union to send congratulatory message to President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for being reelected during the January 2021 Ugandan General Elections two months earlier. In the message, the African Union chairperson ‘congratulates the people of Uganda’ for holding ‘fairly peaceful and fair’ elections, adding that there are always […]

Trump Promises to Revisit Angels from Africa

India Finally Manages to Colonize the United States


Museveni Wonders how a man with 24/7 access to Nuclear Football can Lose an Election

The President of Uganda since 1986, Yoheri Kaguta Museveni – recently rebranded to Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni – is unable to can. As Donald Trump fights a losing battle to retain the presidency, Museveni is wondering how a man with such immense powers can lose he top job in a country. Power Factor Losing an […]

Canada Builds a 8000 km Wall to Keep out Americans

The US Election is more of a US IQ Test