The Curse of Keeping More than Two Avocados in the House

Having more than two avocados in the house is like dancing with the devil. It is cool, but there is a price. Here we take you through the full journey that you should expect should you have more than two. Day n You just stored your avocados in a safe environment where they are not […]

Uhuru: ‘Corruption is a Devolved Function’

Lemons Join Middle Class after Overtaking Apples as the most Expensive Fruits

I Bought My First Car through Exposure – Jalang’o

CBK Warns Traders Against Receiving Payments in form of Exposure

Kenya Police to Introduce Unpaid Internships

TikTok Users Likely to Underperform at Work

Meet the Man Behind NTV’s Killer Captions


Secondary School Students to Receive Monthly Allowances

The Government of Kenya will soon start paying high school students for simply being in high schools! Secondary school students in Kenya will start receiving monthly allowances as the Ministry of Education comes up with innovative ways to instill money skills and also deal with the long absence from schools as a result of Covid-19. […]

Most Men Cannot Identify a 38 Week Pregnancy

Trump Seeks Museveni’s Help on Election Strategy

NMS: Repainting Nairobi Will End Traffic Jams

2NK SACCO set to Acquire Kenya Airways Early Next Month

Broke GoK Banking on Senate’s Stalemate on Revenue Sharing Formula

Government Planning to Reduce Corruption by 50%

Ten Key Points from Uhuru’s Speech



Pastor Hailing App to Help Churches Whose Pastors are Above 58 Years Old

If your pastor is over 58 years old and may not be allowed in church come next week, a Pastor hailing app has got you covered. A new app christened ‘Uber for Pastors’ will allow churches without pastors to order a pastor online. The pastor will then be delivered just in time for the service. […]

Pastor Ng’ang’a to delete part of his age in order to be 58 Years Old

You can Lose Weight by Watching Workout Videos

Experts: 7 km Run adds 30 Minutes to your Life but takes 40 Minutes


Arsenal to Field all their Black Players against Manchester City, Hoping for a Black Goals Matter Victory

Arsenal will be fielding all their black players in their encounter with Manchester City today at Etihad Stadium in the hope that they can ride on the black lives matter movement to clinch a victory. In their first match since the Covid-19 pandemic, Arsenal seemed hopeful that the new normal could be where it is […]

Underground Churches Thrive in Nairobi

Police Officer Filmed Dragging Woman on a Motorbike to be Awarded for Innovation in Transport Methods

Atheists in Kenya Start Tithing Towards a Billboard Project


Trump Seeks Museveni’s Help on Election Strategy

Faced with an impossible election, President Donald Trump has been looking for help from people who are good at winning elections. While such expertise is scarce, it is easy to come across in Africa and that is where Donald Trump has turned to. His first stop was Uganda, where he seems to have learnt all […]

Crime Rate in Lagos Falls Drastically after Police go on Strike

Maasai Mara University Student on the Run after Hacking Twitter


Number of People Hospitalized due to ‘Just a Cough’ Spikes in Tanzania

Coughs have become deadly in Tanzania in the past few days, with the number of people admitted in hospital due to ‘just a cough’ rising sharply. The information which is being whispered in hushed tones across Tanzania says that an increased number of people are falling sick and being hospitalized due to a cough. Some […]

Historians Already Working on the First Half of 2020

Ghana Hires Kenya’s IEBCs Staff and Servers to Manage their Elections