Kenya’s Roadside Food Vendors Successfully Take Out Million Dollar Startup Kune Foods

In 2021, a white man armed with $1m set out to discover cheap foods in Kenyans. Due to cultural blindness, he couldn’t find any, so he decided to invent the cheap food for Kenyans. The result? Roadside food vendors armed with nothing but cooking pans launched a counter attack. 10 months later, the white man […]

Why Kenya Needs the ICT Practitioners Bill 2020

IEBC Admits that Reuben Kigame Can See Better than the Commission

EBK Asks Raila to do 3 Additional Units which he Missed


Wajackoyah’s PP2 Certificate Questioned

A section of state affiliated civil societies has demanded to see Presidential Candidate Prof George Wajackoyah’s PP2 graduation certificate as an assurance that he is fit to be the president of Kenya. Adding their voice to the ongoing question of degrees, the state affiliated civil societies said that Wajackoyah’s manifesto of bhang and snakes was […]

Chebukati; “Raila’s Degree is a Matter of National Insecurity”

Kenya acquires a Morgue in Saudi Arabia to Cater for Murdered Domestic Workers

Wajackoyah’s Rising Political Star Could Force Raila and Ruto to Unite


Religion Social

Size 8 to Specialize in Small to Medium Sized Demons

Gospel singer cum preacher Size 8 has launched her career as a middle level exorcist, if clips on social media are something to go by. The famed Mateke singer was recently ordained as a preacher, but no one expected that she would quickly be on the ring facing demons one on one. Size 8 was […]

What if Jesus Died of other Causes, Say Donkey Accident?

Prophet Turns Out to be Just a Statistics Nerd

Kenya Closes its Embassy in Mali after Mali Beat Harambee stars 6 – 0


US to Ban All Public Schools to Curb Mass Shootings

A section of US legislators has a magic wand to end school shootings once and for all. Following a deadly shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvale, Texas, politicians have come together to bring an end to this daily occurrence in the United States. The radical proposal involves a ban on all public schools in […]

Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos Join Hands to Acquire Controlling Stake in Elon Musk

Kenya Donates Slingshots to Ukraine as Cyber Warfare Expected to Render Most Weapons Obsolete

Biden Praises Tesla for Manufacturing Adzes

Black Tax Evasion now a Crime in Burkina Faso