Police ask Kenyans Caught up in Curfew to Teleport Themselves Home

Police have asked Kenyans who miss the 7 pm curfew deadline to teleport themselves to wherever they want to be, instead of playing games with police officers. In a stern warning to Kenyans, Police Spokesperson warned that if 7 pm finds you out of your house, they will assist you to get home as fast […]

Horned Melon facing Discrimination due to its resemblance to Corona Virus

Babu Owino to Donate 50% of his Heart to help fight Corona

A Cat’s Guide to Working from Home

Muggers, Pickpockets and Thugs oppose the 7pm – 5am Curfew


Uhuru Kenyatta abolishes PAYE for all the Jobless Kenyans

President Uhuru Kenyatta yesterday announced a raft of measures meant to shield Kenyans from the economic impact of the Corona Virus disease. In the reforms that are meant to cut through a wide range of sectors, President Kenyatta reduced VAT, income tax, turnover tax, and Pay as You Earn, with the biggest cut going to […]

Details of How a German Shipment of 6 Million Masks Disappeared in Nairobi

Reprieve as Landlords in Kenyan agree to reduce rent by 0.01%

Okiya Omtatah Files a Case against China for the Covid-19 Pandemic

Kenyans Can Now download Hand Sanitizers from Google Loon



Churches Rush to Register PayBill Numbers after Ban on Public Worship

Churches in Kenya rushed to register PayBill Numbers moments after the government announced a ban on all public meetings. In a report that was unveiled by Safaricom, the company’s Chief Customer Officer said that they had received more than 900 applications in the first 6 hours since the ban was put to place, highlighting the […]

Atheists in Kenya Turn to Prayer after Three People Contract Covid-19

Pastor Arrested for telling Congregation to Shake their Neighbour’s Hand

Owuor Suspends all Prayer and Healing Crusades due to Corona Virus

Social Sports

After Beyond Zero, Uhuru now Planning to Register for the New York Marathon

President Uhuru Kenyatta made his maiden appearance in athletics when he participated in a 2.6 km race during the Beyond Zero marathon. Clad in jeans and running slightly slower than a crawling toddler, Uhuru Kenyatta managed to hit the finish line with a personal best time of 30 minutes and 50.1 seconds. So slow was […]

Demons Protest the Appointment of Calisto as the Presiding Bishop of CITAM

Pastor Stranded after Bible App Updates in the Middle of a Sermon

Kenya to Revise the Lords Prayer to ‘Forgive us Our Loans’

International Social

Details of How a German Shipment of 6 Million Masks Disappeared in Nairobi

If you are looking for people to carry out a major heist in the world, Nairobi ranks among the best places to scout for talent. And the talent is not just on paper, but through some practical experience. Some of the high and mighty have learnt this the hard way. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al […]

Somalia threatens Kenya with Sanctions

Bill Gates Promises to Delete Corona Virus


Millennial who Missed Work for Half an Year Claims He was Present in Incognito Mode

A millennial who was fired from work for absconding has filed an appeal at the highest court in the US, claiming that he was never absent from work, and it is the human resource office which did not know where to look for him. The 22 year old hospital cleaner in Ohio claimed that he […]

Britain Goes Missing on Google Maps after Brexit

African Union calls for Witches and Wizards to be on Standby for the Corona Virus