Pastor Ng’ang’a Wins the Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Controversial and infamous pastor and televangelist James Ng’ang’a is the winner of the entrepreneur of the year award.

Ng’ang’a, who runs a multi-million business along Haille Sellasie Avenue was awarded for his business acumen and ability to spring back to profitability in the midst of external threats to his business. The pastor has managed to keep together even as court cases followed him and media painted him in the negative. It is not clear how big his business empire is, but his flashy lifestyle confirms that he is a man of means.

While receiving the award, Ng’ang’a said that he dedicated it to his stuff who have worked selflessly to keep the enterprise running. He blamed woke Christians who have been targeting him, causing a slight dip in the second quarter earnings, although he was able to rebound in the third quarter. Among the runners up of the award include businessman Manu Chandaria among others.

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