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Kenyans Demand a Movie Version of the BBI Report

As the dust settles on the BBI report launch, reality is dawning on many Kenyans that they will need about 6 months to finish reading the report. This is the reason why a section of Kenyans are calling for a movie fashion of the report to be released.

Local Cast

Speaking in a political rally, a section of MPs argued that the report is too long for ordinary Kenyan, and a movie with a local cast would go a long way in helping Kenyans make sense of the report. The move would also help in promoting the local film industry and sell Kenya to the rest of the world.

150 Page Report

The about 150 page document will end up being the longest read Kenyans have ever done, apart from school textbooks which are compulsory. A movie fashion will help most people go through the report in just 1 hour and 21 minutes, freeing the much needed time for nation building.

The Kenya film classification board is yet to comment on the movie rating, but it is expected to be PG 35.

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