“Let Governors Live Forever” – Kalonzo Musyoka

Former Kenyan Vice President Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka now wants governors to be given eternal life as part of the changes proposed in the Building Bridges Initiative.

Speaking while preparing for the BBI meeting scheduled for Kitui, the former VP said that it is only fair that governors live forever and continue with their noble task of ruling over their counties and saving people from poverty.

He said, “It is very unfair to subject governors to a life expectancy of 64.7 years just like other mortal Kenyans. We need to exempt the governors from sudden deaths through accidents, or even slow deaths like cancer and other causes I don’t want to mention in public.”

Governors all over the country welcomed the idea, saying that it is one way to ensure that the country is united. They threatened to ask the Senate to impeach God if their wish is not granted.

MCAs, Senators, presidents and MPs also want to be enjoined in the proposal.

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