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Miguna Miguna Accidentally Blocks Himself on Twitter

Veteran lawyer, Twitter politician and Block in Chief Kenyan-Canadian citizen Dr Miguna Miguna has blocked himself on Twitter in what seems to be a case of giving himself a taste of his own medicine.

Speaking from Canada, the lawyer said that he was going through his old tweets and could not stand the political promiscuity displayed in the tweets. For a moment, he was left confused as who the real despot was as his old tweets lacked a clear narrative. He could not understand why he had tweets hating on Raila Odinga, supporting Raila Odinga and hating on Raila Odinga again at the same time in 2017, the same year when he also supported and opposed Despot Uhuru Kenyatta.

“I had no option but to block the account. Only later did I realize that I had blocked my own account but for the sake of trying to remain consistent, I will let it remain that way. Despots must fall!” He said while speaking to our reporter.

The Kenyan politician who is still holed up in Canada and spends most of his time coordinating a Twitter revolution holds the Guinness record for the most blocks done by a single person. A support group of all the people he has blocked on Twitter have welcomed him to the club, and he is expected to start his counseling soon.

In the meanwhile, the man with the same name twice will now be using Instagram until he is fit enough to unblock himself on Twitter. Viva!

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