Miguna Miguna To Walk to Kenya from Berlin

You can never enslave a general.

With no reference to toxic masculinity, Kenyan lawyer Miguna Miguna has decided to beat the red alert that barred him from flying to Kenya by walking!

Speaking to our editor while crossing the Sahara desert, Miguna Miguna said that he would not seat and watch as despots deny Kenyans an opportunity to enjoy his wisdom from a close proximity. He said that he would not seat and watch while Kenyans were thirsty for his superior wisdom, and said that he had gone ahead to block all airlines from flying him.

Asked how he made it across the Mediterranean Sea, Miguna said that he had used a returning boat that had ferried illegal immigrants from Libya to Europe, and said that he was the only emigrant who was leaving the crowded Europe to the beloved Africa.

He is expected to sneak into Kenya through the porous Kenya -Somali border on Wednesday exactly at 0248 Hrs.


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