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University of Nairobi to Permanently Operate with Two VCs

It has now emerged that the University of Nairobi will operate with two Vice Chancellors after a handshake between the feuding Professor Mbeche and Professor Kiama.

In what appears to be an bizarre incidence in public governance, Prof Mbeche and Prof Kiama will now go ahead and set up a task force to build bridges within the University, with an aim of restoring the institution to its former glory as The University in Kenya. They are also expected to tame the rising cases of missing marks, missing lecturers, ghost workers, and the most important one of missing monies.

Ask how they would reconcile the new development with regulations governing the administration of a University, the two Professors were quick to point out that the arrangement did not contravene any law that states that there should be one Vice chancellor, as operationally they are one although physically they operate in duality.

“It is a modern Schrodinger’s cat problem. We are both one VC and two VCs at the same time.” They said. “Besides, the handshake has set precedence for such as scenario.”

We wish them all the best in their service.

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