Governor Waititu Now Moves on to Sell GNLD Products

Former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu has denied allegations made in some of the media houses that he is jobless, saying instead that he is actually in a more lucrative position and is ready to move on from Kiambu County politics.

The former governor told our reporters that he is now going into self employment, where he will be selling GNLD products and recruiting people into the lucrative business.

He said, “I just joined a very new business in Kenya called GNLD, where we are selling several world class products and building powerful networks. I expect to use my old networks to grow my career as I wait for 2022.”

Waititu also confessed that it had cost him less than KShs 5,000 to start off as a GNLD member, and he was looking forward to making more than KShs 12 million every month in returns. He told stories of successful-looking men and women in designer suits who told him of fortunes that they have made with GNLD.

We wish the former governor all the best in his endeavors.

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