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Bill Gates Promises to Delete Corona Virus

Microsoft founder, billionaire and viral expert William Henry Gates III, popularly known as Bill Gates, is now offering hope to the world by promising to delete Corona Virus from the face of the earth.

Speaking during a World Health Organization briefing, Bill Gates stated that the virus is just like any other windows virus that he has dealt with in the last 30 years, and he is in a position to deal with it just like he has fought millions of other viruses in the world.

Bill said that all that was needed was an antivirus update that would be installed on everyone globally, and he only needed to sit down and focus for two hours in order to come up with the update. However, he has been too busy trying to save Africa from other diseases and building the next generation of Windows that he has not had time to sit down and focus on this new challenge.

“I am hoping that in the next six months or so I will find some two hours from my busy work of saving the earth in order to focus on this new challenge,” said Gates. “Once the update is ready, we will see the virus disappear within 72 hours after rolling out the updates globally. The only challenge will be for the people running older versions of windows in their heads, and people in Africa who use pirated software who will not be eligible.”

Since then, his promise has gone viral all over the world. He has already been nominated for several awards for his intention to save the world, as well as being added to a list of gods by some religions. Even non-religious people are also considering offering him some trial version of worship. The United Nations has also shifted the WHO offices to his sitting room balcony in order to access him seamlessly.

The news has been warmly received in Africa, although the African Union has some other unique plans of dealing with the virus.

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