Britain Goes Missing on Google Maps after Brexit

The United Kingdom mysteriously went missing on Google Maps hours after effecting the Brexit on 1st February 2020. This is after the Kingdom chose to cut ties with the European Union, effectively cutting ties with Google Maps which has offices in the EU region.

The whole of the United Kingdom was left in confusion as residents could no longer trace where they are, while pilots could not find any airport to land in the formerly Great Britain. Satellite images also showed a deep blue sea in the place where the United Kingdom used to be.

Experts suggest that the error occurred when a junior staff at the 10 Downing Street accidentally pressed the wrong exit button, choosing to exit earth instead of the EU. This irreversible action means that the country will have to start over afresh from wherever they are.

Nobody knows if the landmass still exists, or where it could have relocated to. Rescue efforts are underway to find the Kingdom which is suspected to have ejected into the land of Narnia.

Pinging the UK landmass returned a 404 error.

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