Coronavirus has cost Kenya 700 billion

Reports from the Treasury say that Kenya has already spent 700 billion fighting Corona Virus, even before the novel virus lands in Kenya.

The revelations were made even as Kenyans continued to panic at the though of what would happen if the virus landed in Kenya, considering the general lack of preparedness by the government, and the fact that most Kenyans have no savings that can help them survive a quarantine that is more than two days long.

In a statement released by the Ministry of Health, Kenya has spent the colossal amount of money buying test kits for the virus, training health staff on how to use the kits, and setting up isolation wards for people who get infected with the virus. The bulk of that money has gone to allowances during training of medical personnel.

The Ministry of health has also requested another 800 billion to continue the preparation, and almost everybody involved sounded so excited about the virus. One official who did not want to be quoted told our reporter that since the fear of the virus landed in Kenya, he had earned more than two million shillings in allowances as he attended meetings and travelled to educate people about the virus. He said that the Ministry of Health was the most enviable place to work in the government at the moment, and they hope that virus will hang around long enough for them to continue eating.

The country still does not know what to do with Corona Virus patient if anybody gets infected.

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