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KCAA: China Southern Airlines Plane Sneaked into Kenya Undetected

The government has denied media reports that it allowed a plane from China to land in Nairobi, instead claiming that the rogue plane sneaked into the country secretly without permission.

Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) Director-General Gilbert Kibe said that the plane from China Southern Airlines was not cleared to enter Kenya, and the plane simply shut off engines, switched off radar and glided into the airport without being detected.

So stealth was the approach that Airport officials only discovered the plane taxiing into a parking two hours after it landed, with passengers and crew freely interacting with airport staff and other travelers who were excited to see the ghost plane.

Asked why they did not send the plane back, he said that the landing was so perfect that even the virus would not know if it was in Kenya, hence no need for Kenyans to worry.

The government said it was able to screen most of the 239 passengers who were inside the plane, and requested them to self-quarantine for 14 days before they can start spreading the virus in Kenya.

Earlier, the government had denied the existence of the plane, despite videos circulating on social media capturing the plane basking under the JKIA sun.

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