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Kenya to Revise the Lords Prayer to ‘Forgive us Our Loans’

As Kenya’s Debt to GDP Ratio approaches an astronomical figure of 1981%, the government is taking all the possible steps to deal with the cloud of debt that now threats every shilling earned in Kenya.

Recent suggestions put forward from the Treasury in collaboration with the church leaders will see the Lord’s prayer revised from ‘forgive us our sins’ to ‘forgive us our loans.’

The revision is supposed to remind God every day of the dire state of the country, in the hope that if it is repeated many times, perhaps God will hear from heaven and make China and other debtors forgive us.

“This is a major step for us because we know that the Lord’s Prayer is said by about 11 million people everyday in Kenya,” said the National Council of Churches in Kenya. “Making the change will help our petition on that matter move up several steps everyday on the heavenly prayer queue. We expect to be answered faster.”

Asked if they did not find the whole idea comical, church leaders said that already the prayer had received a few modifications from different user groups. The Pentecostal churches had already adopted ‘forgive us our sins’ because of the many sins involved, while Anglicans were for ‘forgive us our debts,’ as they deal with a lot of money. The Presbyterians had also adopted ‘forgive us our trespasses’ as they are major land owners.

Other suggestions that have been brought forward include an International money heist by robbing a poorly defended country, doing away with money based economy and resulting to barter trade, or even simply defaulting and letting the International Credit Bureaus do what they want.

Last month, Kenya opened a Fuliza loan facility with China to allow the government to get instant loans.


Critics have complained about the new changes, arguing that there is no need to change the prayer since we are not praying to China. “Unless our God is China, there is no point in changing the Lord’s prayer. What we need to do is just to pay our loans”

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