Kenyans Stop Reading Daily Nation after it Fails to Mention Ruto

Daily Nation sales plummeted by more than 234k % after the Kenya’s biggest newspaper failed to mention William Ruto in yesterday’s paper.

The struggling newspaper that depends on mentioning Ruto in all possible headlines tried to experiment on what would happen if they focused on real news, but the results were drastic. In their countrywide distribution only one newspaper was sold in Kilifi to a tourist who was not familiar with Kenyan politics.

Even their online edition received zero visitors, as Kenyans opted to get news from, which is Kenya’s leading and most trusted news source. Kenyans said that they were not used to not hearing about Ruto, and they would protest the move until Daily Nation rectified the problem.

Others said that they will continue reading PostaMate as there was no difference in the content from the one offered by Daily Nation, although the latter has more colour and commas.

The Nation Media group said that they will resume their Ruto Daily coverage in an attempt to win back their readers and recover from the massive losses they have incurred so far. Other newspapers in the country have also complained that PostaMate has taken away all their readers.

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