Kenyatta University Mess Food a Possible Cure for Corona Virus

Experts from the World Health Organization and top pharmaceuticals globally are converging at Kenyatta University after it emerged that the University’s mess holds a potential cure for Corona Virus which is currently threatening the world.

In what could be a game changer for the university that is trying to position itself as a World Class center for health sciences, the University has experienced a tremendous breakthrough after details of the possible cure emerged.

The discovery was made when a visiting student at the Confucius Institute of Kenyatta University from China who had a fever and was sneezing went into the Western Mess and ate the most popular meal consisting of Ugali, beans and vegetables at a cost of 24 bob. The sickly student who could barely walk received instant healing and has been confirmed not to have any virus in his body.

The Vice Chancellor was so shocked that the magical cure did not emerge from the Kenyatta University Teaching, Referral and Research Hospital, but from the small department that does not have any lecturer, leave alone professors, as part of its staff. He said that was an indicator that innovation could come from any corner of the University as the institution has been working on empowering every staff.

Currently, the staff at the mess are working 24/7 to produce the package of food which is being shipped to China and other affected countries such as South Korea, Italy and Iran. The World Health Organization is expected to take over operations at the facility in the next two weeks, positioning Kenya as one of the leading pharmaceuticals in the world.

Previously, the African Union had asked Witches and Wizards to be on standby to deal with the virus, but it seems that their services will not be needed.

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