Lastborn Admitted to ICU in Critical Condition After Washing Two Cups

An unidentified lastborn was yesterday admitted to Nairobi Hospital after suffering from chronic fatigue following a heavy days work that involved cleaning two cups.

The 19-year-old was wheeled into the emergency section complaining of a possible multiple organ failure as there was pain all over his body, and a serious overwork-induced-headache.

The hospital was brought to a standstill as they responded to the emergency situation, with other siblings forced to attend to their ‘dying’ younger brother who had collapsed on the sofa right after walking out of the kitchen. The illness was so severe that he did not manage to clean up the sink after washing the two cups.

Tweeting before the incidence, the young man said that he was being subjected to heavy manual labor by inconsiderate parents and siblings who failed to appreciate the important role he played at home by managing the TV remotes and following up to ensure that the DSTV subscription is paid on time. He argued that he needed fair treatment as he was not anybody’s slave, and was entitled to his own opinion.

Parents expressed their relief when they learnt that the young man was out of danger as he was moved to HDU ward. The young man advised doctors to observe him for seven more days before discharging him to give him an opportunity to seek further help from human rights activists.

Doctors said that his condition is called ‘Severe Acute Lastborn Cat Syndrome.’

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