Miguna Miguna Launches a Paybill Number to Help Pay his Bills

Exiled Kenyan lawyer Miguna Miguna has finally decided to give up on toxic masculinity and seek help from the public even as joblessness bites hard in Canada.

The lawyer who was recently denied entry back to Kenya has launched a campaign dubbed ‘Kenyans for Miguna,’ where he gave a Paybill number for people to send him some pocket money to cater for the out of pocket expenses while in Canada.

He admitted that joblessness is a major factor affecting young Kenyans like him, and being in Canada while fighting for people in Kenya is an expensive affair. As a person who spends all his waking time tweeting about Kenya, he argued that he needed support from the Kenyans who he had risked his joblessness for, citing a Bible verse he learnt in Sunday school that an ox should not be muzzled while threshing tweets.

“Kenyans need to understand that retweets and likes do not pay bills,” he said. “It is only fair that all Kenyans join me to fight the despots by funding my luxurious lifestyle here in Canada. If I get a real job, I am willing to subsidize my cost of living from my salary but for now it must be met for the people I am fighting for.”

He further added that Kenyans should be ready to use the same amount of money they spend on bribes to support his work of liberating the country, and even further suggested for Kenyans to cut on money spent on business permits in order to help him stay alive. He said that a starving activist like him would not help Kenya in any way, and it was up to Kenyans to decide of they still need a savior.

The lawyer also doubles up as Twitters Block-in-Chief.

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