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Nairobi Women’s Hospital Partners with Prophet Owuor to Provide Instant Healing

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

The Nairobi Women’s Hospital has partnered with the Mightiest Prophet of God, Dr David Owuor, to offer instant healing services to its customers, err…sorry, patients.

The new arrangement will see all the patients admitted at the hospital pay a standard fee equivalent to one week admission, but receive healing and walk out of the hospital in just one day.

The move is expected to help the public build confidence in the hospital after the recent reports in the media where they were accused of treating patients like customers, an allegation that the hospital CEO denied. The CEO said that it was not in their interest to keep anyone at the hospital longer than necessary, when all they needed was money. He said that the new arrangement will win win for both the hospital and the customers.

He also added that it was unfair to target the hospital alone while every other hospital was doing the same thing. Even the insurance companies exist to get the maximum amount of money from people and pay the least amount possible, if any. He also added that mortuaries also run a similar business model, only that they have not found a good way to advertise their services.

The collaboration will see the prophet get a undisclosed amount of money for every patient healed, with a promise of bonuses and stock options.


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