Newly Married Man Divorces Wife for Displaying Serial Killer Tendencies

A worried husband left a court in shock after he revealed that the reason he was seeking a divorce was the fear that his wife would one day turn into a serial killer.

The newly wed man told the court that he could not wait for the designated 1 year period before filing a divorce, claiming that his application was a matter of national security. He said that he was doing this for the sake of national peace and cohesion, highlighting the risks that would be involved if his wife was allowed to continue living in his house.

Asked for evidence, the man explained in details how the wife of seven days was fond of strangling the toothpaste tube with such a passion that it was clear that he had done that before. He went on to describe how the two toothpaste tubes in the house were strangled to near death, instead of perfectly squeezing the tube from the bottom.

“These are all habits that have been documented in potential serial killers and I must take action to avert the looming disaster. I am the one most at risk, but you never know who else will be targeted. It could even be the judge in this court.” He said.

By the time of going to the press, some people seemed to agree with the man, while others were still trying to understand what the conflict was all about.

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