Pastor Stranded after Bible App Updates in the Middle of a Sermon

Everybody knows that technology and disaster always go hand in hand, but for a pastor in one of Mombasa’s largest church, the lesson came in a very costly way.

What was supposed to be his first sermon using his newly acquired iPad turned into a total disaster after the App he was using to deliver the sermon started to update while he was barely through his first illustration.

The senior pastor had spent a painstaking week writing his sermon notes in the notepad that comes with the Bible app, expecting to seamlessly deliver the sermon during the Sunday service. That would be his first Sunday when he would do away with his old fashioned printed sermon that he had always used since printers showed up but now had become archaic.

The pastor had not saved his noted anywhere else, forgetting a key lesson, which was actually one of the points in his sermon notes; that Jesus saves. As soon as he was beginning his first illustration, he saw a tiny pop-up notification that Bible was updating.

Shocked because he did not know why the Bible was being updated and there was no new revelation from God that needed to be added, the pastor almost lost his thought flow to the point that he had to call the praise and worship team to lead a worship song in the mood of prayer. In real sense, he was trying to regain his footing.

Unfortunately, when it rains, it pours. His attempt to stop the update by turning off the WiFi connection made things worse, as the App froze and would neither close nor proceed. After frantic attempts to get the terror device failed, the pastor realized that he had to find an alternative plan for the rest of the sermon. He whispered to the praise and worship leader to lead the church in a session of concerted prayers as the devil was seriously attacking the church. This went on until the end of the service.

After the service, the senior pastor hurriedly left and returned with a ream of printing papers, where he was seen preparing his next sermon on the topic, ‘the Devil in Technology.’

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