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Politician Postpones Making a Donation to a Children’s Home after Media Fails to Show Up

There was a major disappointment at a children’s home in Kisumu when a visiting delegation of local leaders failed to give their food donations after media failed to show up.

In what was supposed to be a show of concern, a top politician had gone with a small party to donate foodstuffs and clothes to the children home as part of the regular appearances in preparation for the 2022 elections. All media houses had been invited to the five-minute event.

But in what seemed to be an act of protest due to unpaid bills after covering a past event, all the journalists invited failed to show up, making the whole event irrelevant. It is reported that the furious politician lamented that he had already spent huge amounts of money on journalists in the past and he expected them to show up as a courtesy.

But the journalists said that the politician had not paid them for a previous event where he had gone to donate a donkey to a group of farmers, saying that they spent so much of their time and effort getting the useless event to appear in prime-time news.

Although it was expected that the politician would just give his donations in the absence of the media, the personal assistant told the management of the Children’s home that the main point of the donation would be missed if the media did not cover it. “It is like a tree falling in the forest and there is no one nearby to hear. You can’t expect it to make any sound.”

The management of the children’s home is appealing to well-wishers to donate food to the distressed facility as they were banking on that donation to push them through the next 21 days.

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