South African president Cyril Ramaphosa Gives the Wrong State of the Nation Address, Nobody Notices

South Africans were caught up in a time capsule moment when the President Cyril Ramaphosa accidentally read the same state of the nation address as the one he gave two years ago, with no one realizing that history was literally repeating itself.

In a Televised speech from the nations parliament, the president removed a copy of the old speech and went ahead to read it word for word, with the politicians gathered occasionally clapping and nodding in agreement.

Nobody seemed to notice that it was the same speech he gave when he assumed power in 2018, save for three additional commas and use of an additional semi colon.

The speech was perfectly camouflaged in the new suit that the president was wearing, making everything sound new. It took our reporter about 45 minutes to realize that everything sounded very familiar and later realize the year written on first page of the printed speech was 2018.

Most South Africans are still not aware of the error, but they don’t seem to mind because their problems have remained the same since 2018.

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