WhatsApp Introduces One Person Group for Introverts

You can now form a one person WhatsApp group and invite all your zero friends, in the new update released this week.

The special feature that is only available to introverts allows one to create a group without adding any member, a feature that introverts have been campaigning for all over the world. It is a win for over 1.2 billion WhatsApp users who have been constantly harassed by the other 0.1 billion people by adding them indiscriminately to groups, and having them to share group membership with other people.

In the new group setting, introverts will be able to leave the group without anyone noticing, or even spend ‘me time’ while chatting with themselves. The update was introduced after the engineering team discovered that many Introverts had a habit of chatting with themselves and muting all the groups where they were added.

Those who double up as both introvert and ladies can also form groups with zero members.

The feature has been rolled out to a select number of countries and is expected to be released globally in the next two weeks.