37,000 Kenyans apply for KFCs Professional Chicken Taster Job

More than 37000 people from Western Kenya have applied for the ‘Professional Chicken Taster’ job that was recently advertised by KFC in the UK.

The masses who ranged from jobless young people to high ranking persons in the society all scrambled to beat the deadline and get the job of a lifetime that will involve tasting chicken all day and going home tired after a heavy day’s work.

So tempting was the offer that it is rumoured that a former CS who is currently facing court cases was among the first to apply, even though he will face difficulties acquiring the certificate of good conduct in Kenya. Other senior persons who applied include a former Senator and two current MCAs.

Most applicants did not even know that the job was being advertised in the UK, thus flooding the local KFC franchise in Kenya with the thousands of the applications. When informed about the job location, many insisted that the UK must give them a visa while others wanted the local KFC to announce the opening of such a position.

One applicant interviewed expressed optimism that he would get the job. He asked KFC to employ all of those who qualify because this is the first job that does not require any academic qualifications and almost everybody has natural experience.

Another applicant asked the government to ensure that a Kenyan gets the coveted position by invoking high level diplomatic negotiations with the UK government.

Some applicants also expressed fear that the chicken in question are the factory reared broiler type that are lacking in both taste and toughness, or in short, they are not chicken enough. Others worried that they would be forced to taste chicken that has been prepared in the modern way, and not the usual boiled chicken with soup.

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