42% of all Middle Aged Men in Nairobi are 3 Months Pregnant

A recent report has disclosed that almost half of all middle aged, middle class men who reside in Nairobi are 3 months pregnant.

The weird revelation was made through automated reports by the city’s CCTV system which uses Artificial Intelligence to identify expectant women in order to offer assistance where necessary. The System employs a wide range of physical appearances to determine if a person is pregnant.

Out of all the men seen around Nairobi the system identified 42 of them to be pregnant, something that the system designers are unable to explain. One of the system engineers said, “We do not understand why our algorithm thinks men are pregnant. We have trained it to look at the physical size of a person to determine if they are pregnant, and it keeps netting innocent men.”

The government now recommends that every man should take a pregnancy test just to set the record straight. Nairobi County Secretary in charge of Health said, “The system has always been very accurate in other towns, and we do not understand why it is giving the bizarre report in Nairobi. We need to get to the root of the matter and the only way to do this is to have all men take a pregnancy test.”

A few men who were interviewed found the discovery strange, but seemed to tolerate the idea that men could start getting a long maternity leave.

Reaction from Gender Rights Activists

Gender Rights activists have welcomed the results saying that they confirm what they have always been saying; that anybody can get pregnant.

They called upon the legislator to come up with laws that will allow men to enjoy maternity leave and also preferential treatment in various queues. Other people wanted the government to set up a taskforce that will get to the root of the matter.

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