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Atheists in Kenya Turn to Prayer after Three People Contract Covid-19

The magnitude of the threat posed by the Corona Virus disease became more evident when Atheists in Kenya urged Kenyans to pray that God would spare the country.

In a statement issued by the group’s officials on Facebook and shared widely, atheists asked Kenyans to try prayer in order to deal with Corona Virus which has so far infected three people in the country and led to the closure of all institutions of learning, a ban on public gatherings and some restrictions on travel to and out of the country.

The statement from the group of people who spend most of their time advocating for the belief that God does not exist was not only baffling, but a pointer to the fact people are really scared of the virus.

In the post, atheists argued that it made sense to try any trick that would help deal with the virus, even if it was not conventional. “Although we do not believe in God, we know there is a possibility that a divine being exists and could help us overcome this tragedy at hand,” said Mr Mumia, one of the members. “If the solution to this problem comes from prayer, we would not want to be an obstacle to it.”

Asked if this was a major shift on their position about the existence of God, the atheists said that they had not changed their beliefs, but only accommodating a diverse world with different worldviews. “We do not want to antagonize majority of people in this moments of crisis, hence a need to tone down.”

The announcement now means that only the devil is against prayer in Kenya, and Kenyans need to engage emergency prayer in this moment when atheists do not mind the prayers. Those who are not familiar with prayer have been asked to try the Lord’s Prayer or simply start by praying for food.

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