Babu Owino to Donate 50% of his Heart to help fight Corona

City politician and businessman (in quotes) Paul Ongili, better known as Babu Owino, has pledged to donate 50% of his heart in order to help Embakasi East constituents fight the Corona virus disease outbreak.

Posting on his twitter handle, Babu said that the move was meant to help him raise money that is very much needed by his constituents, most of who live hand to mouth and therefore cannot survive the adverse effects of an economic shutdown.

Babu said that hearts fetch a good amount of money in the international market, especially India and Pakistan, and therefore the move would be able to keep Embakasi east constituents breathing for a few weeks until the curfew is lifted.

Many welcomed the move, saying that this is the second greatest act of benevolence ever seen, after the death of Jesus on the cross. They said that they were happy from the sacrificial leadership that Babu Owino had shown, and they would reward him with reelection come 2022.

Others questioned the practicability of it all, considering that the politician is known to be very heartless and therefore there might be no heart in him. “We accept the offer, but does he even have a heart?” wondered one man who is worried about surviving the curfew.

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