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Demons Protest the Appointment of Calisto as the Presiding Bishop of CITAM

The recent appointment of Rev Calisto Odede as the presiding Bishop of Christ is the Answer Ministry in preparation for the retirement of the current Bishop Dr David Oginde has elicited mixed reactions all over the country.

While many have lauded the appointment as an indicaton of its commitment to the gospel, others have expressed fear that some people might demand for a CITAM BBI since the last three bishops at the church have predominantly come from one region in Kenya. Nevertheless, this is not a big problem since the church has no riches on earth but in heaven, and no one can say that their community is going to heaven alone.

Praise God.

But the appointment has led to an uproar from a very likely quarter. Demons all over the world are up in arms against the appointment, terming the move as ill informed and out of touch with reality.

In a statement signed by a senior demon in Nairobi, demons demanded immediate reversal of the appointment and abolishment of the position of the Bishop at CITAM altogether.

“We have suffered greatly at the hands of Oginde in the last ten years, and now you want to subject us to this fire spitting Calisto who never minces his scriptures?” complained one demon by the name Screwtape. “We expected a truce for a few years, not another period of warfare. We need a break.”

Another demon added, “We have known Calisto since his days at FOCUS Kenya and that man means no good to us. We can’t have him bring problems at FOCUS, at Nairobi Baptist, and now at CITAM. He must be stopped.”

Screwtape’s concerns were echoed by other senior demons in the Lowerarchy, who said that they wish the new Bishop the worst in his new assignment, and promised not to relax until CITAM shut down. They said that they do not fear his big titles from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and other places, but his effectiveness with the gospel.

Asked for comment, the church said that they expected the opposition, and were ready in and out of season.

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