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France’s Directive to ‘Limit Contact with Elderly People’ Locks Macron out of his Own House

In a bid to prevent further spread of Covid-19, countries all over the world are issuing partial or total lock-downs, as well as other guidelines that could help protect people who are at most risk.

But these directives are already having unintended consequences. In Kenya, a dusk to dawn curfew has forced workers to teleport themselves home, while a Bank teller was arrested for attempting to work from home. But it is in France where the highest office has shot itself in the foot.

President Emmanuel Macron has urged French citizens to limit visits to the elderly people since this is the demographic that is worst hit by the virus. In most places, the elderly people have experienced the highest mortality and thus minimizing contact with them is a smart move.

But what the 42-year-old president forgot is that the directive applies also to him, not because he is old, but because his wife is 66!

This means that the young president must avoid going home as he poses a significant risk to his significant other. Worse, he issued the directive while he was away from home, and thus could not go back home in order to comply with his own directive.

A spot check by PostaMate found that Macron kept his word and never went home, instead, bunking with a nursery school friend at an Airbnb facility in Rue de Rivoli.

This was either an own goal, or a genius tactical move.

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