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Governors, MCAs, MPs and Senators Panic on Learning that Kenya has only 200 ICU Beds

The 2723 elected political leaders are in a panic mode in Kenya after reports emerged that there are only 200 ICU beds in both private and public hospitals in Kenya.

The shocking news which means that even 10% of them cannot be admitted in ICU at the same time has sent the politicians scrambling to book standby hospital beds abroad, only to realize that the Covid-10 has restricted most international travels. This leaves the Governors, Senators, Members of Parliament and Members of County Assemblies extremely exposed as Corona Virus continues to threaten all people globally.

“This is very saddening. How can a country of 47 million people have only 200 ICU beds?” wondered one legislator who has been in parliament for over ten years. “We need the country to act quickly to safeguard all citizens.”

One governor suggested that allocation of beds should be based on the official government protocol. “We should prioritize the president, deputy president, speakers of both houses, governors and senators in that order. This is to take care of the best interests of the country.”

An MCA who was interviewed lamented that no other country was taking medical tourists in the age of Covid-19. This means that the 2,222 MCAs in Kenya cannot leave the country to seek advanced medical care, even though they can afford it. “It is frustrating that we MCAs have the money, but we have nowhere to get help,” lamented an MCA from Nairobi. “We need a dedicated healthcare system that can take care of the leaders of this great country.”

The situation is further complicated by the fact that even the Lee Funeral Home has a very limited capacity, meaning that in case of death, the honorable members would have to fight for space at the local morgues with ordinary Kenyans.

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