Kenyans Apologize for all the Corona Virus Jokes they have been Making

Kenyans all over the country have expressed remorse for all the corona virus jokes they have been making on social media, moments after they realized that the virus is actually real and already in Kenya.

Moments after the president went live on TV to declare a near state of emergency due to the virus, Kenyans seemed to get the memo that the virus is no longer a joke but a reality. All the jokes that had been doing rounds on social media vanished all of a sudden.

In a series of messages posted on Twitter under the hash tag #SorryCorona, Kenyans have asked the Virus to understand that they were ‘just talking,’ and didn’t mean to insult the deadly virus, pleading with it not to consider a revenge.

“This thing was only supposed to be in China,” said a Twitter user under the username @OsamaOtero. “When we were joking about it, we did not know that it was real. You know we also do not know if China is real because we have never been there!”

Another Twitter user going by the username @Mulamwah said that the virus should not penalize Kenyans for the jokes they have made, saying that most of them were actually tasteless and therefore did not count. “Most of the jokes made were not even funny. Corona Virus should neither penalize us nor take us seriously. ”

Another Twitter user pleaded with the virus to ignore any song or utterances by Jimmy Gait, arguing that all his YouTube videos have zero views, and thus does not pose any threat to the virus.

The country is now in a state of repentance, with the previous economic activities of insults, trolling, body shaming, complaining and criticizing taking a back seat.

We are yet to know if Corona Virus will honor the request for ceasefire from Kenyans.

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