KWS Rescues a Man from Rhino by Shooting Him

A man found himself in trouble when he strayed into the Tsavo National Park while grazing his cows and came face to face with an angry rhino.

The man identified as Mutiso was illegally grazing in the National Park when he decided to go and relief himself. Unknown to him, a lone rhino was grazing in the neighbourhood, and you all know that there is nothing good that can come from a lone rhino.

It was at this point that the angry rhino charged at the helpless man who was caught pants down. The man fled but the rhino was faster, and possible more experienced in running in the park and more familiar with the terrain.

Realizing that the rhino was closing the gap between them, Mutiso tried to play some evasion tactics and managed to keep the rhino at bay for a few seconds. However, he was getting exhausted while the rhino was getting angrier. It was a matter of seconds before the two met in a physical encounter.

It was at that moment that Mutiso attempted to climb a tree. Most trees in the Tsavo are short and thorny, and so before he could get himself to a safe height, the rhino pulled him down with its horn and tossed him in the air, throwing him 20 meters away.

Badly injured and unable to run, Mutiso knew that waiting for the rhino would mean a painful death by being trampled by the animal that weighs a few tons. He needed to act, and so he attempted to run towards his cows in an attempt to hide. However, he was no march for the rhino, which by now was too angry.

Unknown to the two, a group of KWS rangers who were tracking the animal had seen what was happening from a distance, and were quickly rushing to the scene to resolve the small matter. But it was a little too late. The rhino would trample the man before they could reach the venue.

It was at this point that one of them decided to do the only sober thing that could be done. Being a skilled marksman, the ranger took aim and fired. The bullet found Mutiso and went straight through the heart, killing him instantly.

The poor man was saved from the rhino.

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