Local Man hospitalized after holding a Sneeze for 8 days

A middle-aged man is currently hospitalized in the intensive care unit in Kenya after holding a sneeze for 8 straight days, following the first reported case of Covid-19 in Kenya.

The man who is allergic to every possible thing including oxygen has lived a life of sneezing about 44 to 70 times a day, but the current outbreak of Covid-19 has put such people at risk of being falsely diagnosed positive. His attempt to avoid sneezing is now threatening to take his life.

“He used to be just fine,” said one of his workmates. “When the virus landed in Kenya, the first time he sneezed he ended up being thrown out of a public service vehicle, thus forcing him to watch his mouth. Even in the office he had been given a warning letter by the HR for attempted sneezing.”

Since then, the man has tried all possible means to stop the sneeze. He has resulted to swallowing the sneeze, putting cotton into his mouth, holding his nose, standing upside down and sometimes jumping into a swimming pool when he is about to sneeze. Nothing has worked effectively.

Doctors are now warning Kenyans against holding sneezes, advising them to go to secluded places such as the Nairobi National Park and unleash the nuclear sneeze from there.

Others who are facing unprecedented risk include people who spit a lot of saliva while talking, as well public speakers who need to clear their throats before speaking.

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