Men Finally Start to Wash their Hands after Visiting the Urinal

The Corona Virus disease is causing a global pandemonium as the world reacts to this previously unknown virus. People all over the world are reacting in strange ways. Americans and Australians perhaps think it is a form of acute diarrhoea and are resulting to hoarding tissue paper, while drug cartels all over the world are switching from cocaine and meth to making hand sanitizers.

Even pirates in Somalia have seized the moment by hijacking a ship carrying several metric tons of hand sanitizer.

However, there are other changes happening elsewhere that no one saw coming. One of this is that men are now washing their hands after visiting the urinals.

For years, health experts have tried to get men to wash their hand with little success. Many NGOs have spent their entire lifetime pleading with men to wash their hands, but the only thing they get is disinterested stares. Advice, motivation, pleading and threats have all failed to yield any results.

However, the virus seems to have done it. Men who had sworn a secret oath to never wash their hands are now out in the arms against the virus. Everywhere, men are seen scrubbing their hands as if they are interning as surgeons, carrying hand sanitizers and warning everyone to wash their hands.

“The virus is a blessing in disguise,” said a 91 year old lady who had never seen his husband of 61 years wash his hands. “It is like he just turned 2 and learned how to play with water.”

We wait to see what will happen when the virus is gone.

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