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“Money Eaten Responsibly” – Governor assures World Bank

A Governor accused of mismanaging a World Bank grant has come out to strongly condemn such ‘rumors’ and give assurances to The World Bank that their money is not lost, but has been “eaten in the most ethical and responsible manner”.

The governor who did not mince words said the grant was in fact shared out to all project leads without any discrimination.

“We are an open and transparent county and aspire towards fairness and justice. Even the office cleaner was given a fair share”, he said.

The World Bank went away impressed by the forthright nature of the governor, thanked him and said “We shall work towards strengthening our close collaboration.”

Local members of Parliament who shared their grievances on the said ‘mismanagement’ of the world bank grant said they shall proceed to the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission. “We shall take this up with the highest office in the land. There is no way he can say the money was eaten responsibly when most MPs have not been given anything.”

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