Okiya Omtatah Files a Case against China for the Covid-19 Pandemic

Veteran Kenya lawyer, activists, and the defender of the people Okiya Omtatah has filed a class-action lawsuit against the government of China for the Covid-19 global pandemic.

In the lawsuit that was filed at the Milimani Law Courts that are now operating under a tree, the lawyer argues that China is responsible for the production and distribution of the novel Corona Virus in Kenya, leading to illnesses, loss of jobs, closure of businesses and general lack of peace among the people of Kenya.

In the case, Omtata wants China to be compelled to compensate Kenya by paying for the treatment of all the sick people, compensating businesses that have closed or scaled down, and finally writing off the debt that Kenya owes China.

The lawsuit has named the Wuhan Institute of Virology and Major General and Virologist Chen Wei of China’s liberation army as defendants.

Although the lawsuit does not refer to the Corona Virus a biological weapon, it is assumed that China could have developed the virus as a bio weapon, majorly to deal with an increasing population of bats that were threatening to overrun the whole Province of Hubei, before the virus turned against its creator and started to decimate the same people who formed it. From there, the virus spread to the whole of China and rest of the world.

If the allegations are proved to be true, China risks being declared a terrorist state and being subjected to sanctions from many states in the world today, including Somalia. China is also being accused of misleading the World health Organization that there was no evidence of human to human transmission of the disease.

The case filed by Omtata will follow the guidelines of the SGR contract between Kenya and China, which means that the case will be heard and determined in Kenya, in English, and in case of a mediator, Kenya will have to choose their own mediator and Beijing cannot object to the choice.

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