Ruto Threatens to Name and Shame Corrupt Politicians

The war on corruption in Kenya has received a major boost after the Deputy President threatened to name all the corrupt politicians who are stealing from Kenyans and eating the money meant for development.

In a strongly worded presser that was sent to all media houses in Kenya, William Ruto warned the corrupt politicians that he will personally list them, the amount of money they have stolen, and even where they live.

“We are tired of doing the talk with zero walk,” he said. “Time has come for us to list the people who are killing the economy by eating without moderation. We know the governors, the senators, the MPs and even the politicians who are driving the theft of public resources, and we are going to expose them in 21 days.”

So severe were the threats that it is said that every corrupt politician was left shivering. The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission has also set camp at Ruto’s office in the hope that they will be the first one to get the list, because honestly, they do not know who is corrupt in Kenya.

The enemies of the DP have criticized the move, terming it premature and presumptive. Most of them argued that there is no corruption in Kenya and if the DP has a list of corrupt Kenyans, then he must have cooked it himself.

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