International Politics

Somalia threatens Kenya with Sanctions

The Federal Republic of Somalia has threatened to slap Kenya with sanctions if Kenya does not immediately withdraw its support of an independent Jubaland.

In a statement that was issued by Somalia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the government said that it was planning to deny all Kenyans Visa into Somalia, as well impose tariffs on all goods from Kenya if Kenya failed to stop its aggression.

“We are going to bring down Kenya with these sanctions,” said the minister. “We cannot be threatened by a country that we have helped for many years, and one that does not even have a long coastline.”

The minister also warned that they would kick out Kenya Defence Force out of Somalia, but that will have to wait a little bit longer before they can put up a functional security apparatus in place.

The announcement was received with excitement in Kenya. No one knows why Kenyans were laughing at the threat instead of pleading for mercy.

The minister issued the threats from his residence in Nairobi.

More to follow.