Study: Fear of Corona Virus Likely to Kill More People than the Corona Virus Itself

As the world continues to be held hostage by some very tiny thing that cannot even be seen without a microscope, it is emerging that the greatest threat today is not the virus itself but something related to the virus.

A study conducted by Harvard University has revealed that more people are likely to die from the fear of corona virus, than from the actual corona virus disease.

The shocking revelation means that more people, even those without exposure to the virus, are already sick and experiencing symptoms of the virus. So serious is the fear that most of the reactions to the virus is informed by the fear of the virus than from the virus itself.


The symptoms of the fear of Corona Virus include panic buying and stocking up on things that one might not need. Americans who are suffering from the fear of corona virus have gone ahead to stockpile on tissue paper, while Kenyans are now hoarding anything that resembles a hand sanitizer.

Even in countries that have not been affected (of course they must be very poor), signs of the fear of the virus have started to show up, with Uganda denying the existence of the virus while other have created conspiracy theories to explain the origin of the virus.

Global Spread

Since Corona Virus showed up and started a series of world tours, people all over the world have reacted with fear and panic. At the moment, the fear of the virus is already in all countries, and more deadly than the virus itself.

Whatever happens, we urge the world not suffer from the fear of the virus. If you have to suffer at all, let it be from the virus, not fear.

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