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University of Nairobi Rediscovers Alphabets

In what appears to be the biggest research breakthrough in Kenya, the University of Nairobi has discovered the alphabet.

A paper published in the Journal of Linguistics and Literature, the Institute of Advanced Languages highlights this groundbreaking discovery which is going to change the education landscape in Kenya.

“The alphabet is going to be the single biggest discovery in this institution. Even bigger than the founding of the University itself. Even the engineering department which has been using the Greek Alphabet is going to find this invention phenomenal.”

Many have hailed this as a milestone achievement with a transformative potential. The paper notes that this discovery will open up the literacy scene in Kenya and in the East African region.

The paper highlights all 26 alphabetical characters and explains the details of how they are used to relay information. “It has taken some of our senior researchers 30 years of continuous dedication to come to this point, and we look forward to another invention in the next thirty years.”

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