68 People Quarantined at KMTC Nairobi Sent Home for Fees

Over 60 Kenyans quarantined at the Kenya Medical Training College have been sent home for failing to pay the mandatory quarantine fee that amounts to KShs 28,000 for a two-week period.

Speaking to the media, the principal at KMTC Nairobi said that it was unfortunate that some Kenyans were not paying for their quarantine yet it was for their own good and was aimed at protecting their loved ones. Consequently, the management of KMTC had decided to send home those whose fees were in arrears, until they can pay all the fees in full.

“We have realized that some people are not keen on paying the fee which is necessary for their quarantine, and we are now sending them home to go and only come back once they have cleared all the fees. It is very unfair for some people not to pay, while almost everybody else has paid for their quarantine.”

The government has been under pressure to waive all the quarantine fees being charged in order to help Kenyans who are struggling with the bills, as well as provide free treatment for all those who are sick. Many Kenyans would want to see the government do more to help those who are directly affected and also want the Ministry of Health to waive all the medical fees.

Asked why the government was not wiling to pay the fees for Kenyans who were in quarantine, the government said that making quarantine free could make people to sneak into the quarantine centers, even those who do not need a quarantine. “Giving people free food and accommodation in the name of quarantine will make the homeless, street families and those who cannot afford food to turn up for quarantine.”

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