China Apologizes to all the Negroes Facing Racial Discrimination in China

China has apologized to all the negroes in China who could have faced racial discrimination, kicked out of their houses or even banned from malls and restaurants due to Corona Virus fears.

“We would want to apologize to any negro who could have been mishandled while in China, possibly due to misconceptions about the virus and or any other factor. We would want to state that China respects the rights all people and all negroes, and the few incidents experienced are just some misunderstandings which are not on line with the policies of the party,” said the Communist Party of China spokesperson.

He added that China is committed to the welfare of all negroes, as evidenced by the many development projects that the People’s Republic of China is carrying out in various countries in Africa. He cited many cases where the Great people of China had come to the rescue of those evicted as a proof that China cares about the negroes.

“We care about the welfare of the negroes. I remember last week I met one negro which needed help to go back home. I paid its flight ticket and it landed back in Africa three days ago. That is the spirit of the Sino-Negro friendship that has existed for ages.”

The apology came after media reports that many Africans were being discriminated against for the fear that they could be asymptomatic carriers of coronavirus, majorly because few people in Africa seem to be dying from the disease compared to other continents. Black people have been evicted from their houses and forced to depend on well wishers to feed them as they hope their respective governments will evacuate them back home.

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