Churchill Speaks About not Paying Comedians

Kenyan comedian, actor, and radio host Daniel Ndambuki has opened up about allegations that he has not been paying comedians working with him at the Laugh Industry.

Speaking exclusively to PostaMate, Churchill said that the claim that he was not paying comedians was invalid and should thus be ignored.

First, he said that everything they do at Churchill Show is all about jokes, and therefore the comedians cannot claim to have a contract with him as it is not legally binding. “Everything we do is for laugh, and any contract between a comedian and me should be treated as a joke. The comedians know this very well.”

Second, Churchill said that despite the fact that all the contracts with the comedians were just an extension of the jokes they make, he had nevertheless paid most of the monies that were stipulated in the contract. “I have faithfully sent all the money owed to them via MPESA, although a few times I do not include pesa ya kutoa (withdrawal charges). This is what they are complaining about.”

The comedians now want Churchill to send the remaining money to cater for withdrawal charges so that they can go ahead and use the money he sent them while Churchill insists that he is under no obligation to send the money.

Churchill also said that he understands the frustrations that the comedians were going through the lock down, saying that meme makers were now running them out of business. While his thoughts and prayers are with them during these tough times, Churchill asked the government to consider allowing comedians to meet once a week and refresh their jokes just to be sure that they are still relevant.

Kenyans also insisted that Churchill should not pay the comedians because they will get rich and rich people are not funny.

For now, they will keep getting enough exposure to pay their bills.

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