Kenyans Tired of Tweeting for Uganda

Kenyans on Twitter have given Ugandans an ultimatum to start Tweeting for themselves or simply leave Twitter and go back to sending smoke signals.

In a collective statement that was issued by Kenyans on Twitter (#KOT), Ugandans were asked to start tweeting about their own country and not depend on Kenyans to run their Twitter. This follows many incidences where Kenyans have to intervene to save Ugandans on Twitter.

Speaking to PostaMate, KOT chief whip Sam Lulli (@Sam_Lulli) said that Kenyans have fought too many battles for Uganda on social media, and it is time Ugandans learnt how to use hashtags, like, retweet and share buttons. “We are simply telling them to fight their own battles.”

Kenyans have previously come together to help Uganda on Twitter. They have fought for Bobi Wine while Ugandans were hiding in Facebook, set free Stella Nyanzi using only tweets and even educated president Museveni on how to Tweet.

They are now arguing that Uganda is taking too much of their time and still refusing to learn how to use Twitter. “We have our own battles here. We have our government, the Chinese, the locusts, and the Al Shabaab to deal with. Let Ugandans fight for themselves.”

Following the ultimatum, the top Google search in Kampala is now ‘How to use Twitter,’ –  an indicator that the threats are working.

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