Lawyers Question the Existence of David Ndii

Lawyers in Kenya have called into doubt the existence of Dr David Ndii, claiming that he is one of those mythical figures that were inherited from the colonial government, or worse, a creation of social media that does not exist.

Citing his absence in real life but a more than life presence on Twitter, lawyers collectively argued that the mythical Dr. David Ndii is a threat to this country, although no one could explain what he has threatened or how a mythical person can be a danger to anyone.

“We cannot tolerate a bot that hardly loses arguments, especially arguments with learned friends. It is OK for anyone out there to argue with anyone, but winning an argument against a lawyer is a crime,” said one rich lawyer.

“Ndii has consistently harassed learned friends and even issued a gag order on most of our useless arguments. We can longer speak ignorantly on these streets without someone pointing out at our folly. It is ridiculous and we want to declare that the person of Ndii does not exist, and is not a legal person.”

If he exists, they are willing to offer a sacrifice in order to appease him or silence him forever.

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