Nigeria Requests for Urgent Thoughts and Prayers to Combat Covid-19

The Republic of Nigeria has sent out a worldwide appeal for thoughts and prayers as the country scrambles to put its meager resources together to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

In a message sent to all Nigerians locally and in the diaspora, the government urged Nigerians to find all the help they can get and channel it back home in order to help fight the disease before it gets out of hand. Currently,

The message asked Nigerians to beg from governments, individuals, corporates or even terrorists as long as they can get any resources that can help fight Covid-19. Saying that the number of infections could increase significantly in the coming days, the government said that the only two things that would save Nigeria are thoughts and prayers.

“We need Nigerians to think hard. We want them to think about how to survive. We need them to think about how to get the necessary tools by all means, and we need those Yahoo Boys to think of how we can get more resources to fight this disease,” said Femi Adesina, the presidential spokesman.

“Nigerians also need to pray not only to God, but to anyone who can help. We need to present our case to the world out there and see if we can get lucky. We ask all citizens to pray to all possible gods, pray to the World Bank, pray to China and anybody who looks like they could help. It is not time to sit and wait.”

The government further added, “The Ministry of Finance is already leading by example, and we have been seeking for handouts on social media. We expect everyone else to follow suit.”

Nigerians are now out in the streets globally, begging, pleading, and in some cases, stealing anything that can help with the situation. They are accepting both cash and material donations such as masks, ventilators, chloroquine, garlic, PPEs and ventilators

With the motivation from the government and our general nature of being aggressive, we hope that Nigeria will get enough thoughts and prayers.

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