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Pope Call for Increased Focus Towards Flattening the Stupidity Curve

Pope Francis is now calling on the world to turn its guns towards fighting stupidity, arguing that this is now a bigger threat to people lives than the threat posed by the corona virus disease.

Speaking on the 13th Day of Eastertide in Vatican, Pope Francis said that the spread of stupidity around the world is becoming contagious and nobody is immune. He said that stupidity working together with Covid-19 is a lethal combination that is now threatening to go out of hand.

“One thing that Covid-19 has proven to us is that stupidity is evenly distributed around the world. A governor in Kenya who is giving alcohol as a throat sanitizer ranks on the same level as Donald Trump who has suggested Covid-19 can be treated by injecting disinfectant into the body. Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro attending an anti-lockdown rally is the same stupidity as North Korea using bullets to neutralize corona virus.”

Pope Francis’ concern are legit. The world is already experiencing unprecedented levels of stupidity, Other forms of stupidity reported include drinking disinfectants and going after 5G towers in the hope that they can be a replacement for social distancing and proper hygiene. In addition, other people have panicked and fled from logic and reason, making bravery a rare thing.

The Pope who is known by his childhood friends as Jorge Mario Bergoglio argued that the current wave of stupidity is the harbinger of several other disasters that will befall the planet if something is not done. He said that the church would be at the forefront of fighting this menace and urged other world leaders to join the cause.

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