Relief after Prophet Owuor is Found Planting Trees

Followers of Prophet David Owuor are extremely relieved after photos of Prophet of Owuor planting trees at his Runda residence were leaked on various church WhatsApp groups earlier this week.

In what turned out to be a breather for the Repentance and Holiness Ministry members, The Mightiest Prophet David Owuor was seen planting a number of trees, some of them hard wood trees that take tens of years to mature, something that contrasted his regular preaching of end time and doomsday.

The members have been worried that the world would end within a few days as almost all of the prophecies from the good prophet have indicated so. This had left them with no motivation to plan for the long term, instead forcing them to live like the world is ending and this was costing them. Seeing the prophet planting trees meant that the world would end soon, but not that soon.

“We are happy to see that the Prophet also has some long-term plans. We have always lived believing that the world will end in just a few days but with this new information, we can revise from few days to few years,” said one faithful member in Eldoret.

Members are now able to plan for the long term and enjoy some leisure here on earth because they know they have some time around. They said that they were happy with the new development and their theology would be adjusted to reflect the new development.


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