Reports: Kim Jong Un Operated on Himself

Self-medication is a common practice all over the world, but there is always a limit to what one can do. Not so for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

In what is reported to be the most badass event of 2020, the Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jon Un is reported to have performed a self-surgery without anesthesia, only in company of one military commander who was assisting him with tools that he needed.

The surgery that lasted for six hours involved the removal of the appendix and one kidney, a life-threatening surgery that the Supreme Ruler did with no anesthesia but a full cup of cappuccino. Kim then went ahead to walk out of the theater on his own, and rode a horse for 45 miles to his residence.

The news that was leaked through various Chinese and Russian media has left the world shocked and although many people doubted the story, it is not a far-fetched story considering the modus operandi of Kim Jong Un. The leader who has spent most of his times threatening other countries like South Korea and US would not want to risk his life under someone else, and would rather take the scalpel and self-medicate.

Kim is now recovering in one of his residences in a remote village in North Korea, away from media and other unnecessary attention.

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