Babu Owino Appointed as the Chief Examiner with KNEC

Youthful Embakasi legislator Babu Owino has been appointed the Chief Examiner at the Kenya National Examination Council as the body realigns itself to meet the needs of students in the midst of a prolonged absence from school.

The legislator who holds a First-Class Degree in Actuarial Science proved his worth with the online classes which he has been running on Facebook, a move that has drawn admiration from people in Kenya and beyond. He has been helping candidates revise for their exams and has previously issued guidelines on how the exams should be set.

The appointment is meant to help restore confidence in the institution and make it more people-centric especially this time when most people are worried about the status of this year’s national exams. Most students expressed their satisfaction with the decision while parents hoped that the legislator would help tackle various systemic issues that have plagued the National Examinations such integrity in the marking.

Kenya’s moral cop Ezekiel Mutua also congratulated the young legislator saying that he possessed a diverse set of skills. “We are happy to see that the government recognizes the efforts of Babu Owino and everyone can testify that the young lad is not only good in shooting but also in teaching.”

Babu’s first task in the office will be to review the 2020 KCSE and KCPE examination papers and see if it suits the students. He will then use the information provided to help students revise properly and has he has previously said, no child will be left behind.

He also promised to shoot anyone who stands on the way between students and exams.

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